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Photo Dictionary of Japanese Buddhism & Shintoism

Online store of Buddhist statues and religious artwork from Japan, China, and Asia

Nihon Mingeikan - Japan Folk Craft Museum

Jeff Krauss' photos of his incredible:
Kasuri Collection

New York Times article about Japanese Indigo:
ARTS ABROAD; A Culture Invested in Indigo, From Plant to Kimono

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Indigo Dye

Contemporary Textile Craftsperson
Shibori Girl

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These merchants sell high quality Japanese textiles that any collector/buyer should consider purchasing.

Sri Threads
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York, USA, by-appointment textile gallery specializing in antique Japanese folk textiles, highlighting the indigo-dyed cotton utilitarian fabrics and boro patched and mended textiles of old Japan.

Collection of Marla Mallet
This Atlanta, GA, USA textile dealer sells Japanese textiles and antique flat woven tribal Oriental rugs, kilims, and bags but also tapestries, embroideries and other ethnic textiles

Japanese tex-style
UK based dealer who sells Japanese vintage kimono, obi, haori, shibori and sashiko together with a selection of Japanese crafts, including dolls, pottery, scrolls and carvings.

Yoko Trading
Delaware based family business offering Japanese textiles in volume, recycled vintage kimono fabric pieces, bulk vintage Japanese kimono by-pound, collectible and antique Japanese textiles since 1989.

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