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Item Zaguri-ki, Cotton Thread Reeling Machine Fully Functional
Wood Frame With Metal Gears.
Commercially manufactured for use in farm/home based cotton fiber production
This machine wraps quantities of homespun cotton threads onto wooden reels that were in turn used in the production of cotton fabric.
Printed date on the machine is: 1929 (Showa 4)
Made in Fukuoka Prefecture as printed on the machine.
Height - 15 inches, 38 cm
Width: 18 inches, 46 cm
Depth: 7 inches, 17 cm
Total Weight:
7.5 lbs, 3280 grams
Very Good Overall Physical and Mechanical Condition
Comments The zaguri-ki were originally made to wind silk threads but also cotton thread producers (as in this case) used them. Even though domestic cotton cultivation had all but ceased by 1929, as a textile, cotton was still vastly popular in Japanese society. The Japanese imported raw cotton from India, USA and other countries. Spinning cotton into threads, and weaving cotton into fabric was maintained as a cottage industry among the Japan es rural population.

We've not done anything to this zakuri-ki, it's just as we found it. Works very well.

Please note --- Included in the price is an additional $100 for EMS shipping and secure preparation.

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