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Item Hand Crafted Yanagi-Gori Box With Lid Woven From Japanese Willow Trees Bark Strips Yanagi-Gori Translates to "Willow Basket"

Covered with Kakishibu solution. Kakishibu is a natural reddish-brown (madder color) liquid prepared organically by fermenting the juice of unripened green persimmons. The Japanese have utilized kakishibu not only as a dye but as a preservative and weather-proofing agent for wood and washi paper.
Early to Mid 1900s
13 X 5 X 4 inches
32 X 13 X 10 cm
Inch tape in last photo
0.5 lbs, 230g
Good overall condition
Comment These baskets were used in the home to hold clothing and/or other personal effects. This one was probably made in the Japanese Sannin Region, a well know area for it's high quality basket-making. This region generally refers to the prefectures of Shimane, Tottori and northern area of Yamaguchi which are near Kyoto where we acquired these baskets.

Use for sewing basket, fabric stash or whatever fits.

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