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Item Medium Size Old Hand Made Copper Alloy Buddhist Temple, Shinto Shrine Suzu Bell
Mid 1900s
3.8 X 3.7 inches
7 X 9.5 cm
2.5 oz, 72 g
Good Condition, bell seams all in tact, no cracks but a few small dents.

Nice patina.
Comment These kinds of large suzu bells are hung at the Shrine entrance and rung to call the kami gods or used during ceremonial events.

The Suzu is a round, hollow Japanese Shinto bell that contains a metal pellet(s) that sound when agitated. They are somewhat like a jingle bell in form, though the copper alloy produces a coarse, hollow sound. Suzu come in many sizes, ranging from tiny ones on good luck charms to large ones at shrine entrances.

At Shinto shrines, large Suzu hang at the entrance, as tradition says that ringing them calls kami (god), allowing the ringer to acquire positive power and inner strength, while repelling evil. Handheld clustered Suzu, similar to jingle bells, are used musically at Shinto ceremonies.

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