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Item Hand carved, solid wood, used Onioroshi daikon grater, soaked in kakishibu which gives it the dark brown color.

This Onioroshi is visually inspirational as an aesthetic traditional folk craft object (mingei).

The Onioroshi is used for coarse grating daikon radishes (seen below).

The Onioroshi name is derived from the appearance of its sharp teeth which resemble those of the mythical Japanese (on i- first 3 letters) demon.

Kakishibu is a traditional persimmon liquid, originating in Japan sometime between the 8th and 12th centuries. Made from astringent, unripe persimmons, it acts as a waterproofing agent that deters insects and inhibits the growth of molds.
Mid to Late 1900s
Tip of handle to bottom edge- 10 inches, 26 cm
Widest point width - 3 inches, 8 cm
5.5 oz, 150 grams
Very Good Condition

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