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Item Dharma Kakejiku, Japanese Hanging Scroll

Centered as the artistic focal pointof this kakejiku is the Buddhist deity, Bodhidharma (Dharma in Japan), the founder of Chinese Chan Buddhism in the 6th century. In 12th century Japan, this Chinese sect of Buddhism became the Japanese splinter group known as Zen Buddhism.
Early to mid 1900s
23 X 71 inches, 58 X 180 cm
Image Height
(from top of sun to red mark below feet)
31 inches, 78 cm
Weight: 1 lb, 471 g
Very good condition for age, only minor wear.

Note that the photo colors are much brighter than when seen in person. Think of these photos as if there was a spotlight highlighting the piece.
Comment The Japanese artist of this kakejiku used a combination of a woodblock print and hand painting to artistically create the Dharma image on a fine silk fabric canvas. The making of Japanese hanging scrolls requires painstaking construction, a very time-consuming and labor-intensive process. This Dharma artistic piece was mounted on a scroll which was fabricated, not by the artist, but by a skilled craftsman, a specialist in scroll making. The scroll craftsman began construction with a piece of hand made Japanese wash paper backing. Over this paper, he mounted a length of hand loomed coarse silk. He then placed the Dharma at the center, Then, he added narrow strips of brocade silk trim, known as ichimonji,above and below the artwork. Subsequently, he added a polished wood roller to the bottom of the scroll. This roller serves two functions: as a weight when hanging and as a guide when rolling up the scroll. He finally attached a hand woven flat hanging cord called makio.

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