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Item Ceremonial Horse Brass Bells (uma no suzu)
19 Bells on Cotton Cord Hangers
The Cotton Cord was dyed red but has faded to a latte coffee color.
These bells do not have clappers but rather jingle as they touch each other when the horse moves.
Part of horse trappings.
1900s, old
length - 17 inches, 44 cm
Each Bell:
1.2 inches wide, 1.0 inch tall
3 cm wide, 2.5 cm tall

Total Weight:
13 oz, 370 grams
Each Bell:
1/2 oz, 16 g (individual bells vary somewhat in weight.)
Good Overall Condition
2 bells have small holes. Probably such due to weak points created during the uneven casting process and holes made as bells touched. The cord red color has faded.

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