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Item Fantastic Tsutsugaki Indigo Cotton Marital Celebratory Futon Cover
Three Friends of Winter Tsutsugaki Futon Cover, Indigo Cotton
Sho-Chiku-Bai (literally "pine, bamboo, plum")

Tsutsugaki Images: Plum flower (ume), matsu (pine tree), & bamboo (take). All natural dyes. A wedding gift based on the auspicious imagery and colorful patterns.
Late 1800s to Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton Homespun, Hand Loomed.
4.0 X 5.4 feet
122 X 165 cm
Heavy-Medium Weight
1.1 lbs, 490 g
4 separate panels were hand sewn together to create this complete textile.
Exceptionally good condition. Probably never used or very little. Strong colors but somewhat muted when viewed in person as compared to the photos here.

Many times, as in the case with this textile, the couple's parents presented the newlyweds with a wedding present that may have been used only a few times then put away as a keepsake. As a result, this textile is in excellent condition.

Image registration is very precise, all but perfect.
Comments Culturally, pine, bamboo, and plum are associated with winter because they flourish together at that season. They are commonly known as the Three Friends of Winter or referred to simply by their Japanese name: Sho-Chiku-Bai (literally "pine, bamboo, plum"). The pine and plum-blossom add their fragrance to the cold air and are therefore valued as bringers of distraction to adverse conditions. This is further emphasized by the evergreen qualities of pine and bamboo, and added to the early flowering of the plum while snow is still on the ground which makes of them symbols of perseverance and integrity. They also symbolise longevity: bamboo and pine because of their evergreen quality, plum blossom because it reappears on the age-old branches.

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