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Item Absolutely Stunning Japanese Suzaku Mythical Bird Tsutsugaki Marital Futon Cover Textile.

Many times, as in the case with this textile, the couple's parents presented the newlyweds with a wedding present that may have been used only a few times then put away as a keepsake. As a result, we found this textile is in excellent condition.

Most of these kinds of large bird image tsutsugaki textiles depict the Hou-ou Phoenix bird. However in this textile we find the Suzaku mythical bird, or Vermillion Bird of the South, which rules over Southern direction and represents the Fire element (of 5 elements), Summer season (of 4 seasons), and the virtue of knowledge. It possesses the power to make small seeds grow into giant trees and serves primarily the function warding off evil spirits. Portrayed with radiant vermillion feathers with an enchanting song; the Suzakuonly appears in times of good fortune. It demonstrates noble behavior ,picky about what it eats and where it perches.

The Suzaku is often mistaken for the Hou-Ou (Phoenix) due to similarities in appearance, but the two are quite different mythical creatures.

This Suzaku bird textile is surrounded by images of paulownia and bamboo with combinations cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, and seasonal Japanese wild flowers. and water motifs.

It's curious why the artist introduced a water element into this image in that water wasn't associated with the Suzaku. Also the head resembles a hawk (perhaps artist inspired).

Fantastic display piece.
Late 1800s to Early 1900s
Fabric All Cotton. Nice Soft Feel To This Textile.
4 separate panels have been hand sewn together to form this complete tsustugaki textile.
4.3 X 5.3 feet
130 X 160 cm
Medium-Heavy Weight, , Thick, Soft Fabric,
13 oz, 365 g
Excellent Condition
No holes, no stains, no rips.

Delightful Strong Colors with some light fading.

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