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Item Tsutsugaki Indigo Cotton Marital Futon Cover

Traditional Japanese Symbolic Images Set In A Wonderful Panoply of Circular Medallions.
Late 1800s to Early 1900s
Kyushu Island Textile

Fabric 100% Cotton
4 separate panels, each hand stitched together to form the whole textile.
4.2 X 4.9 feet
128 X 150 cm
Medium-Heavy Weight, Strong, Soft Fabric
13 oz, 370 g
Very Good Condition
No spots, No Tears, No Holes
The colors in these photos are somewhat brighter than when the textiles is seen in person.
Comments This tsutsugaki textile displays an array of colorful disk-shaped medallions, each containing symbolic images important to people who reside in rural areas. For example, the turtles are a freshwater pond variety rather than a saltwater type. Also, the wild goose and grape images are too indicators of a bucolic setting. Here is a list of images in the medallions: butterflies, hydrangea & iris flowers, wild goose, bamboo, wild grapes, rooster, and some images we're not able to identify. Collectively these images symbolize the hope for marital bliss and longevity.

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