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Item Lovely Marital Cotton Indigo Tsutsugaki Futon Cover

There are 2 main images present on this textile: Iwainoshi, and opposing suzume (sparrow) birds.

The "iwainoshi" graphic depicts long stirps of traditional Japanese gift paper bound together which symbolize the strength and permanence of marriage. The suzume symbolize purity of friendship which overcomes the dual evils of greed and jealousy.
Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton
Homespun, Hand Loomed. Thick strong fabric, soft feel.
3.1 X 4.9 feet
93 X 150 cm
Heavy-Medium Thickness
0.5 lbs, 238 g
Good overall condition with 4 hardly noticeable nicely done small mendings and 2 small boro patch repairs.

We have washed and ironed this textile.

This textile is ready to use in your project or to hang as wall art.
Comments Note the tears in the "iwainoshi" paper images which is unusual. Must of had a special meaning to the people who had this futon cover made.

The presence of a pair of suzume is also unique, perhhaps a family seal (kamon).

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