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Item Repurposed Yogi Into Futon Cover.

Either side a wonderful display piece.

Tsutsugaki Indigo Cotton Former Yogi With Clan Family Crest & Butterfly (Cho-Cho).

A yogi is an oversized padded sleeping garment that resembles a kimono, used for warmth on cold nights. Note the very center panel which is about 1/2 width of the others. The presence of this narrow panel indicates that this textile was formally a yogi.

The reverse is a patchwork boro fabric layer.
Late 1800s to Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton
4.6 X 4.5 feet
140 X 137 cm
Medium-Heavy Weight, Strong, Thick, Soft Fabric,
1.5 lb, 663 g
Very Good Boro Condition

Good image registration.
Comments A butterfly was seen in Japan as the personification of a person's soul; whether they be living, dying, or already dead. One pleasant Japanese superstition says that if a butterfly enters your guest room and perches behind the bamboo screen, the person whom you most love is coming to see you. However, large numbers of butterflies are viewed as bad omens. One legend holds that when a Japanese war lord was secretly preparing for his revolt, such a vast a gathering of butterflies suddenly appeared that the soldiers became frightened — thinking the apparition to be a portent of coming defeat...Wiki

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