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Item Tsutsugaki Indigo Cotton Buddhist Temple Celebratory Banner.

Mirror images, both sides.

The overall the textile is brighter than in the photos.
Early 1900s, Late Meiji ~ Taisho
Fabric 100% Cotton
Machine sewn except for large stitches on the loops.
14 inches X 9.2 feet
35 X 280 cm
Medium-Heavy Weight, Strong, Thick, Soft Fabric,
0.52 lb, 237 g
Very, Very Good Condition. Insignificant very small holes in the indigo at top. Top kanji has a small water spot.

This banner was probably used for a short time at a single temple event, then put away until recently discovered.
Comments The absolute finest Buddhist temple banner I have found.

The 3 see, hear & speak no evil monkeys and roosters are elements of an esoteric Buddhist ritual with Taoist origins, celebrated 6 times per year.

The monkeys and roosters are animals of the Japanese astrological and calendar system inherited from the Chinese. Here, they act as protectors to dispel evil.

Please search for "Monkey & Rooster" on this page to read more about the Buddhist koushin ritual.

There are 2 sets of kanji. The first at the top reads "koushin" and translates to "57th of the sexageary cycle". The kanji at the bottom reads "koujuu" and translates to "religious associate", probably the group that sponsored this temple banner.

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