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Item Tsutsugaki Indigo Cotton Marital Celebratory Futon Cover
Late 1800s to Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton
5.1 X 6.2 feet
155 X 188 cm
Heavy-Medium Weight, Strong, Thick, Soft Fabric,
1.3 lb, 610 g
Very Good Condition Has several nicely stitched repair patches as seen in photo, reverse side. Some variegated indigo fading as seen on the front.
Comments The crane and sea turtle are 2 of Japan's most treasured auspecious motifs. Both amimals are believed to bring long life and good luck. They play a proment role in traditional Japanese wedding ceremonies.

The Crane lives one thousand years, the Tortoise ten thousand years. The Japanese red crested crane (grus japonensis) is most famous as the symbol of peace and long life. They also symbolize marital love and fidelity because these cranes are monogamous, pairing for life, devoted mates in all seasons.

In Japan, the crane (tsuru) is a sacred bird that is said to live 1,000 years.

The turtle (kame) is said to live 10,000 years and is one of the four celestial guardians (dragon, phoenix, tiger and turtle) of Chinese mythology. The wavy lines behind their shells represent sea weed that has attached over millennia. Supposedly it takes five thousand years to accumulate the amount of sea weed worn by each of the sea turtles

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