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Item Tsutsugaki Indigo Cotton Futon Cover

The Shuten Doji Folk Tale from the Heian Period (794 to 1185 A.D)

Looking at the whole image you will see Ibaraki-Doji above serving sake to Shuten Doji (The Drunken Boy). Ibaraki-Doji is dipping into a large sake urn with a hand held hishaku (ladle) and below, Shuten Doji is drinking the sake from a large bowl. Both are merrily dancing.

Pictured here are the two "pretty young men" before turning into Oni's (demons or ogres). See last image which shows headless Shuten-Doji as an Oni after his death.
Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton Homespun, Hand Loomed, all natural dyes
4.3 X 4.9 feet
130 X 148 cm
Heavy-Med Weight, Strong, soft fabric, 0.9 lb, 386 g
Very Good Condition but has a few small nicely sewn repair patches as seen in photos.
Comments Japanese legend holds that Shuten Doji (The Drunken Boy) was considered a 'very handsome young man' and a multitude of women found him hopelessly desirable. However, he steadfastly refused the advances of all of the young women who sought him out with their entreaties of love. Soon after, the love-stricken females died of despair because, as the story is told, he took absolutely no notice of them which shattered their longing to possess the universally coveted Drunken Boy. He made known his disdain for these women by burning their love letters. When the smoke from the fire enveloped him, he mysteriously turned into an Oni (demon, devil, ogre or troll). And, his true and dreadful character was revealed thusly.

After metamorphosing into an Oni, Shuten Doji, came to reside on a mountain top near Kyoto with a gang of other Oni including Ibaraki-Doji who acted with a similar temper as that of Shuten-Doji. Ibaraki-Doji soon came to be his right hand man. These 2, along with their gang of followers, traveled to Kyoto repeatedly in order to kidnapped the daughters of noble families. The fable says that the group of Oni butchered the captured girls and devoured them without pity.

Minamoto Yorimitsu, a Kyoto samurai leader whose own daughter had been taken, decided to put an end to Shuten Dojis raids and foul deeds. He along with a group of men disguised themselves as monks, entered the Oni encampment and surreptitiously offered poison sake to Shuten Doji who, in a drunken stupor, drank it. When Shuten Doji became immobile due to the effect of the poison, Minamoto Yorimitsu chopped off his head, putting a final end to Shuten Dojis unspeakable ravages.

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