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Item Celebratory Marital Tsutsugaki Indigo Cotton Futon Cover

Here a Japanese Onagadori Foul (chicken) has been substituted for the Image of the traditional Ho-Ou (Phoenix Bird). See Comments below about this curious, indigenously developed Japanese Onagadori foul.

According to Buddhist lore, the Japanese Phoenix represents wisdom & energy. The story says that Buddha was deep in meditation when the Phoenix appeared and blessed upon him these sustaining qualities and at the same time, by its ample wing spread, protected him from the assaults of evil spirits during his reflection time.

The Hou-ou auspiciously appears only in peaceful and prosperous times when it nests exclusively in paulownia trees. It is a symbol of peace (when the bird appears) and a symbol of disharmony (when the bird disappears).
Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton Homespun, Hand Loomed, all natural dyes
5.4 X 6.6 feet
163 X 200 cm
Heavy-Medium Weight, Strong, thick, soft fabric, 1.5 lb, 700 g
Exceptionally Good Condition but has a few minor stains as seen in photos.
Comments The onagadori is a unique variety of Japanese chicken first bred in Japan 200 years ago. Onagadori History

This textile is a rare find. The craftsman who created this tsutstugaki textile replaced the common Chinese derived Phoenix or Red Bird (Hou-Ou) with the image of a Japanese onagadori chicken. The onagadori is characterized by very long tail feathers, some easily reaching more than 10 feet in length. See the last image in the slide show to view the magnificent onagadori.

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