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Item Komainu (Shishi) Lions Tsutsugaki Textile Repurposed into Futon Cover.

Found at the gate of Japanese Buddhist shrines and temples, the powerful komainu lion deities were (still are) believed to possess the power to ward off malicious spirits.

Someone remade this tsutsugaki textile into a "futon cover", thus, believing that while lieing above the komainu lions, these potent deities would protect the sleeping person by keep away mischievous and evil spirits during the night hours.
Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton Homespun, Hand Loomed.
5.3 X 5.7 feet
162 X 175 cm
Heavy Weight, Thick
1.7 lbs, 788 g
Very Good Overall Boro Condition. Nicely done patches.
We washed & ironed this textile.
This textile is ready to use in your project or to hang as wall art.
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