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Item Sizable Hemp Curtain

Fashioned by the exceptionally creative mind and talented hands of Toshiko Imaizumi.

Fabric hemp ties.
Recently fashioned
Fabric Patchwork pieces of kaya (hemp and a little cotton) fabrics dating from late 1800s to early 1900s
4.0 X 6.0 feet (approx)
120 X 180 cm
Heavy-Medium Weight
1.4 lb, 640 g
Artist's Statement Inspired by Toshikko's childhood memories of finding solace under her grandmother's mosquito net (kaya) during frighting thunder storms, this piece re-kindles her fond recollection of comfort, well-being and wonderment from an earlier time.
Comment This textile might be used as a curtain or wall art.

The bamboo rod is not included.

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