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Item Hand Dyed Arimatsu Shibori Indigo Cotton Fabric
Itajimi (clamp dyed) Shibori in a flower pattern.

This is "omutsu" fabric, baby diaper.
Still sewn in a loop for use as a diaper. Pull the hand stiched threads to use the full length.

Arimatsu town shibori, famous for its shibori dyeing craftsmen.
Mid 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton, strong fabric. Nice!

Medium weight

Note...Colors are somewhat brighter in photos as compared to when seen in person.
13 inches X 4.2 feet (full length, not sewn)
33 X 126 cm
Good Overall Condition.
No Holes. No Spots.

We have washed and ironed this textile
Comment Arimatsu-shibori tie-dyeing began in 1608 in the town of Arimatsu located on the Tokai-do Highway linking Edo (now Tokyo) and Kyoto. It was known as the local specialty of the Tokai-do route, its indigo monotone making it a popular fabric for the summer kimono worn by ordinary people. As production and sales of the fabric were prohibited outside Arimatsu by the feudal lord governing the region at the time, tie-dyeing developed into a sizeable industry here. Nowadays, Arimatsu tie-dyed fabric can be purchased in department stores and kimono shops. There are said to be over 100 methods of tie-dyeing, and traditional methods are used for dyeing cotton and other fabrics. Arimatsu tie-dyeing was designated a national traditional Japanese craft in 1975.

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