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Item Large Cotton Boro Patched Sakabukuro Sake Mash Bag, Hand loomed, Hand Made,
(See our Japanese Textile History Page)
Early to Mid 1900s Found at an old sake brewery.
Fabric Cotton saturated with kakishibu (fermented juice from green persimmons). This sakabukuro has a soft, supple feel.
14 X 32 inches, 35 X 80 cm. Heavy Weight, Thick Fabric
Good Boro Condition Sewing repairs.
  This sakabukuro bag or sack was used in an old Japanese sake brewery to carry rice mash from one processing station to another. The bags were dipped in & lightly coated with bacteria resistant kakishibu which gave them, as you see, a mottled/blotchy brownish cast.

"Kawai Sake Brewing Company" hand written in Japanese kanji on the bag.

It has a short cotton tie cord at the top.
We have washed & ironed this sakabukuro.

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