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Item Small, Dramatic Boy's Day Noboribata (Banner/Flag) With Hand Painted Images, Kamon (family crest) and Red Name Stamp.
Date written at bottom
Showa 7th year or 1932
Fabric 100% Cotton, All natural vegetable dyes, Homespun & Hand Loomed
16 inches X 9.8 feet
40 X 300 cm
Good Overall Condition but has a few small stains and the base fabric has age faded somewhat. Note..images somewhat darker when seen in person.

This textile is ready to use in your project or to hang as wall art.
Comment The samurai depicted on the noboribata represent mythical warriors from the era of Japan's Warring States Period (1450 ~ 1600), a time of relentless political and military upheaval between powerful competing warlords. Warriors of the period gained mythical stature for demonstrating fearlessness, strength, and loyalty. These semi-historical figures were reproduced on Boy's Day noboribata in hope of inspiring the the same admirable qualities in the child.

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