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Item Long, Vintage Dramatic Boy's Day Noboribata (Banner/Flag)

Hand printed using stencil method.

Traditionally Noboribata Were Mounted on a Long Poll in Front of the Child's Home.

Many buyers like to remove the hanging loops and cut the banner to just have the samuri images showing. Great for kid's rooms or your room with Japanese influences.
Mid to Late 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton
Loops machine sewn.
2.1 X 24 feet
63 X 720 cm
1.7 Lbs, 755 g
Fair Overall Condition, has rips and stains.

This banner has been displayed outside the home for the Boy's Day event and as such may have a few stains from the weather or storage.

Note..images may be brighter in photos than when seen in person.
Comment The samurai depicted on the noboribata represent mythical warriors from the era of Japan's Warring States Period (1450 ~ 1600), a time of relentless political and military upheaval between powerful competing warlords. Warriors of the period gained mythical stature for demonstrating fearlessness, strength, and loyalty. These semi-historical figures were reproduced on Boy's Day noboribata in hope of inspiring the the same admirable qualities in the child.

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