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Item Lovely Patchwork Sashiko Cotton Kotatsu Table Cover

Multiple fabric layers, hand sashiko stitched together in order to give this kotatsu table cover substance, warmth, weight and strength.

Superb example of Japanese Folk Textile Sashiko Stitching Technique.
Wonderful variety of patchwork textiles.

Originally, a Japanese kotatsu was a low, wooden table covered by a handmade heavy kotatsu cover to hold in the heat. Underneath the table was the heat source, usually a pan filled with charcoal. People would place their legs under the table and kotatsu cover to warm themselves during the cold winter months.
Early to mid 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton Homespun, Hand Loomed, multiple layers.
All natural dyes.
3.9 X 4.7 feet
120 X 142 cm
Multiple layered fabrics.
Heavy Weight
Strong, soft fabric
2.8 lbs, 1289 g
Very Good Overall Condition.

We washed & ironed this textile.
Comment This textile would make a wonderful area rug in your Japanese room or in another space in your home.

See last photo of Japanese wood block print (yukiyo-e) from late 1800s... ladies warming themselves under a kotatsu cover.

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