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Item E-Gasuri Ogi (Folding Fan), bamboo Leaves (take) and Graphic Kasuri Patterns, Cotton Futon Cover
Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton Homespun, Hand Loomed.

4 separate panels hand stitched together to make this complete textile.
4.0 X 5.3 feet
122 X 160 cm

Semi-Thick fabric, medium weight
13 oz, 365 g
Good Overall Condition
There are 4 paches and some small holes.
There is some light staining on the top right of the textile, difficult to see in photos.

We have washed & ironed this textile, it is ready to display as wall art or for use in your project.

Wonderful display textile. Very representative of Japanese folk art.
Comment Japanese ogi fans are made of paper on a bamboo frame, usually with a design painted on them. The Japanese fan is symbolic, with the small end representing birth and the blades symbolizing the many possible paths leading away from this beginning. The colors on the fan are also important. Red and white are considered lucky, and gold is thought to attract wealth. Figures or designs are generally repeated an odd number of times, since odd numbers are lucky-groups of five are thought to be particularly auspicious.

Fans were once thought to keep away evil, were used in religious ceremonies and to provide shade for royalty. Holding a fan was also considered restorative to the soul. Fans are also used as a social barometer. Placing a closed fan between yourself and someone else means you are acknowledging their superior status. Fans are also used in Japanese theater to accentuate the stylized movements of Kabuki and Noh.

Bamboo symbolizes strength of character. During grand storms, large trees will easily break but not the resilient bamboo. It bends, it flexes, nearly touches the ground, but never breaks. It resists the storms, the strongest winds. Yet, it keeps its delicate structure. Like the bamboo is a good man's character. A man can undergo hard, difficult, tough times, for which he must adapt, but must never break, never lose his sense of self. A man must keep his essence now matter how bad the world is treating him.

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