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Item Indigo E-Gasuri (picture kasuri) Futon Cover.

Subtile and Stylized Three Friends of Winter Images: Plum flower (ume), matsu (pine tree), & bamboo (take) motifs.

And, the Japanese kanji (writing) for "long life", kotobuki.

Probably, a wedding gift based on the auspicious imagery.
Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton Homespun, Hand Loomed.

4 separate panels hand stitched together to make this complete textile.

Strong, thick fabric.
4.2 X 4.7 feet
127 X 148 cm

Thick fabric, heavy-medium weight
0.8 lbs, 350 g
Excellent Condition. No holes, no rips, no stains.

We have washed & ironed this textile, it is ready to display as wall art or for use in your project.

Wonderful fabric for making pillows.
Comments The auspicious symbols seen on this kasuri textile originally came to Japan from ancient China. Both cultures observed that unlike most plants, the pine, bamboo and plum do not wither as the cold days deepen into the winter season.

These Three Friends of Winter together symbolize steadfastness, perseverance, and resilience. They are highly regarded concepts in Confucianism.

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