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Item E-Gasuri
(picture kasuri)

Unique fish and bold geometric images.

This image isn't the typical koi fish ususally found on kasuri. It appears to be an unknown river species.

This Piece Can Be Added To Your Kasuri/Textile Collection, Become A Project Textile, and/or Made Into A Decorative Wall Hanging.
Early 1900s
Fabric hand loomed 100% Cotton.
13 inches X 3.4 feet
32 X 105 cm

Very Good Condition

No spots or rips.

We have washed & ironed this textile, it is ready to display as wall art, to add to your kasuri textile collection or use in your sewing project.
Comment If you want to make this charming textile into a wall hanging, then consider purchasing the exquisite natural dark bamboo hanging rods as seen on the same page as you found this kasuri piece.

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