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Item E-Gasuri
(picture kasuri)

Wall Hanging

Kinko & Geometric Motifs

Kinko, a mythical zither playing Buddhist immortal, lived a peaceful life by the banks of a river painting pictures of fish but would neither eat or harm them. For this virtue, the Dragon King who ruled the ocean, sent forth a giant carp and invited Kinko to visit his palace under the sea. After a month with the Dragon King who taught him about the sacredness of all life and particularly the protection of fish, kinko returned to his beloved river banks astride the giant carp and implored his followers not to kill living creatures. It is said that Kinko was the first Buddhist to speak for vegetarianism.

This textile is fitted with natural bamboo rods at the top and bottom. The top rod holds the hanging cord & the bottom bamboo provides hanging weight.
Early 1900s
Fabric hand loomed 100% Cotton.
13 inches X 2.2 feet
33 X 67 cm

Good Overall Condition

May have a few very small, hardly noticeable, holes.

We have washed & ironed this textile, it is ready to display as wall art or to add to your kasuri textile collection.
Comment We recently acquired a kasuri textile collection, many with unique designs. This is one of those pieces.

Very Special!!

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