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Item Extra, Extra Wide Kaya Hemp & Cotton Mix Mosquito Netting

Natural Beige Color
Early 1900s
Fabric Medium-Heavy Weight, Loose Weave
Homespun and Hand Loomed
Mixed Hemp & Cotton, Slightly Coarse Feel
23 inches X 5.5 feet
58 cm X 170 cm
Good Condition.
No Holes, Strong Fabric

This kaya rubbed up against a piece of indigo fabric and the blue color lightly transferred on one side. See photos.

Note... Panel has separated thread areas (not broken) as seen in photos.

We've washed and ironed this textile, it's ready for your project.
Comment For those of you who enjoy experimenting with dyeing...
We're told that this kind of beige hemp textile dyes very well, but we have no personal experience dyeing it.

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