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Item DIY Repair
Large Green Boro Patched 100% Hemp Kaya Mosquito Netting.

Included are scraps of same era hemp kaya for DIY repair. Create your own individual Boro Kaya Textile.

Coarse and substantial feel to this hemp fabric.

4 Panels Hand Sewn Together

Lots of fabric!
Early 1900s
Fabric All Hemp
Homespun & Hand Loomed Hemp
Thick Fibers.
4.4 X 5.6 feet
135 X 170 cm
Medium-Heavy Weight
10 oz, 275 g
Good Condition
Strong fabric & fibers.
Has 5 small holes 3 well done hand stitched repair patches.

We have washed & ironed this textile. It is ready for use in your project.

Ideal for making your own noren, curtains, pillow covers, etc.

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