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Item Fatsia Shrub Leaf Design

A rare find!

Green-Blue Color
( faded)
Late 1800s to Early 1900s
From Kyushu Island
Fabric 100% cotton, hand loomed, homespun cotton, medium-heavy weight, thick. Part of an old futon cover.
13 inches X 2.0 feet
33 X 60 cm
Very Good Condition
No Holes, No Spots.

We have washed & ironed this textile. It is ready for use in your project.
Comment Fatsia is a small genus of three species of evergreen shrubs native to southern Japan. They typically have stout, sparsely branched stems bearing spirally-arranged, large leathery, palmately lobed leaves 20–50 cm in width, and small creamy-white flowers in late autumn or early winter, followed by small black fruit.

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