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Item Exceptional Rustic Charm Length of Itajime Shibori Indigo Cotton Textile
Early to Mid 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton, homespun, hand loomed, strong fabric. Nice!

Wonderful Thick feel to this fabric.

Note...Colors are somewhat brighter in photos than when seen in person.
12 inches X 4.9 feet
31 X 150 cm
Very Good Condition No Holes. No Spots

This early 1900s fabric has not been used, like new conditon.

We have washed & ironed this textile. It is ready for use in your project.
Comments Many people are familiar with tie-dye shibori however there are other shibori dyeing techniques as well. Itajime shibori is another style.

Itajime shibori is a shaped-resist method whereby cloth is sandwiched between two pieces of wood which are held in place with tied cords. The bundle is immersed into a dye vat. The tightly wrapped wood blocks prevent the dye from completely penetrating the fabric they cover. The resulting fabric has a singular shibori pattern which is impossible to reproduce again with another similar block tied fabric.

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