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Item Small Inari Daimyou Buddhist Temple Nobori Bata (hanging banner/flag)
Hand Printed Kanji Lettering. Hand stitched.
Date on each banner: Taisho 1st Year or 1913
Fabric 100% Cotton
Homespun, Hand Loomed.
11 inches X 4.8 feet
28 X 146 cm
Condition Good overall condition but with age fading and some soiling. No Holes. No Rips.
Inari (deity) shrine/temple banner. The Shinto god Inari is worshiped in both Shinto and Buddhism. Inari is the Japanese kami (god) of fertility, rice, agriculture, foxes, industry and worldly success and one of the principal kami (Gods) of Shinto.
These hanging banners were attached to the entrance portal of an Inari temple/shrine as an offering/oblation.