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Item Traditional Japanese koi nobori (carp banner) made from natural traditional washi paper. Watercolor hand painted. Most of these koi nobori were made from cotton fabric but this one was made from washi paper and actually displayed at the front of the family's house on May 5 in honor of Boy's Day
Early 1900s
Natural pigment watercolor paints. Traditionally made washi paper. The mouth has a wooden circle (to catch the wind) and a tie cord.
Good overall condition. The hand painted images colors are still bright, not faded. There are several very small holes, and the tail is a little tattered. The fins closest to the head are missing.
Size 26 inches X 8.7 feet
65 X 265 cm
Comment On one side, hand painted image of Kintaro, boy riding or fighting a giant koi carp. Very well known and popular Japanese legend about courage & strength.