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This Dragon (Ryu) nobori on washi paper is similar to the traditional Japanese koi nobori (carp banner) . Watercolor Painting on washi paper. Most of these were made from cotton fabric but this one was made from washi paper and actually displayed at the front of the family's house on May 5 in honor of Boy's Day.

Late 1800s to early 1900s
Materials Natural pigment watercolor paints. Traditionally made washi (somewhat thin) paper which was glued together.
Condition Very good condition. The hand painted images colors are still bright, not faded. There are several very small holes.
24 inches X 10.5 feet, 62 X 320 cm

These still very colorful, dramatic depictions (representations extracted from Japanese heroic folklore) as shown from this image were selected by the family to encourage strength, spirit and honor in their son(s).