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Item 3 Panel Hemp Noren
Dramatic Appearance
Superb Japanese Folk Textile example
Hand stitched together
Tube shaped area at top to accommodate up to 1 inch diameter hanging rod.
Fabric 100% Hemp
Fairly Tight Weave
Oatmeal~Beige Color
Homespun and Hand Loomed, Thick Fibers
Early 1900s
From Kyoto region
3.3 feet (wide) X 5.4 feet (long)
100 X 165 cm
Heavy Weight - 1.26 lbs, 570g
Very good condition
Washed & Ironed
Ready to hang or use in your project
Comment We believe the upper symbol is a mountain and the lower one is the Japanese katakana for "ya". In Japanese, one would say "yamaya" which may have been a store name????