The Images Recount the Legend of Urashima Taro,
Tsutsugaki Kamon (family crest)
100% Cotton
Late 1900s
Condition Good Condition
Displayed over the years numerous times resulting in some soiling. Very bright colors.
Very Long
30 inches X 22.0 feet, 75 X 680 cm
Thick Fabric
Comment These Boy's Day noboribata were displayed on and before May 5 & celebrated the parent's desire for their son's future happiness and good fortune.

This well known Japanese legend is about a fisherman who rescues a sea turtle and is rewarded with a visit to Ryugu-jo, the palace of Ryujin, the Dragon God, under the sea. He stays there for three days and, upon his return to his village, finds himself 300 years in the future.
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