The Images Recount the Historical Legend of Sasaki Takatsuna and Kajiwara Kagesue Crossing the Uji River.
100% Cotton
Boy's birthday date on the textile:
Showa 41, 1966
Made on or after 1966
Name: Uchiyama Masaharu
See last photo
Condition Good condition
Displayed over the years numerous times resulting in some soiling. Very bright colors.
27 inches X 16.4 feet, 70 X 500 cm
Thick Fabric
Comment Kajiwara Kagesue and Sasaki Takatsuna were soldiers in Minamoto no Yoshitsune's army fighting against Kiso no Yoshinaka at the Battle of Uji (near Kyoto) in 1184. Yoshitsune gave them the two best horses available and asked them to try to ford the river to establish a place where the rest of the army might cross. Takatsuna was the first one to cross the river. They are shown here ont he bank after crossing the river .
These Boy's Day noboribata were displayed on and before May 5 & celebrated the parent's desire for their son's future happiness and good fortune.