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Pair (2) Boy's Day Banner/Flags
Hand painted
The Legend of Takasago
Displayed inside the home
Homespun & Hand Loomed Cotton
Early 1900
Condition Very Good condition, Still retains bright colors & strong fabric, a few very small holes as seen in photo (2nd to last row)
Each banner
14 inches X 9.3 feet, 35 X 285 cm
Comments The Japanese kanji seen at the bottom of the banner are the ages & names of each of the Koucha family's 6 sons., a large family by Japanese standards.

Taken from the Takasago legend, the old man (Jo) and woman (Uba, wife) under the pine tree are the principal images in this noboribata textile. The crane and turtle are traditional auspicious symbols for the hope of a long and healthy life.
Takasago Japanese Noh Play (pdf file)
These images are the inspiration behind one of Japan’s best-beloved Noh plays, Takasago.