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Item The Legend of Takasago
Boy's Day Banner/Flag, Hand painted
Complex Tsutsugaki Kamon (crest) from upper class family
Homespun & Hand Loomed Cotton
Late1800s to Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton, All natural vegetable dyes, Homespun & Hand Loomed
26 inches X 15 feet
67 X 460 cm
Two panels wide, hand stitched together to produce a single long panel.
1.5 lb, 670g
Good Overall Condition with
A few hardly noticeable small holes and some age staining

Still strong hand painted images

We have ironed this textile.
Comment Taken from the Takasago legend, the old man (Jo) and woman (Uba, wife) under the pine tree are the principal images in this noboribata textile. The crane and turtle are traditional auspicious symbols for the hope of a long and healthy life.
Takasago Japanese Noh Play
Since ancient times, the Japanese have believed that powerful deities dwell within pine trees, especially in the large, grandiose ones. This image of the majestic Japanese pine is the single inspiration behind one of Japan’s best-beloved Noh plays, Takasago. The illustrious Japanese Noh playwright Zeami scripted this exciting and lively Noh drama filled with the atmosphere of nobility, dignity, and purity......... Read the rest of the story from this PDF file.

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