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Item The Images Convey the Historical Legend of Kintaro and the Giant Carp
Hand Painted images
2 Tsutsugaki Kamon (family crests)
Mid 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton,
28 inches X 15 feet
72 X 440 cm
1.1 Lbs, 509g
Good condition, some minor imperfections as seen in photos. Displayed over the years numerous times resulting in some soiling. Colors bright.
Comment Kintaro struggling to swim upstream on a giant carp is often portrayed during the Boy's Day holiday in order to inspire bravery and strength found in the legendary Kintaro child. Kintaro (translated as "Golden Boy") is a folk hero from Japanese mythology. A child of superhuman strength, he was raised by a old woman who lived on remote mountain. He became friendly with the animals of the mountain. Kintaro is likely based on a real-life warrior, Sakata no Kintoki, who lived during the Heian period (10th century) and came from an area near Kyoto.

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