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Small Nobori Bata Boy's Day Banner/Flag
Images of Stylized?Japanese Iris, Kamon (family crest)
Homespun & Hand Loomed Cotton Textile, Medium Weight
All natural vegetable dyes, Tsutsugaki
1829 appears on the banner's top wood bar
Condition Very Good Overall Condition, No Holes, Minimal Age discoloration.
12 inches X 9.2 feet, 32 X 280 cm
Comments This noboribata was displayed inside the house as part of Boy's Day celebration or in Japanese "tango no sekku". The iris plant symbolizes heroism. The Japanese word for iris is "shoubu" which has the same pronunciation as the word for "warrior". Thus the connection between the iris plant and the warrior image. This plant often appears on Boy's Day Festival banners. The long narrow shape of the plant's leaf suggests a sword and acts to enhance the warrior image. The boy's name appears on the wooden bar at the top of the banner, Ueda Touji.