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Inari Daimyou Buddhist Temple Nobori Bata
(hanging banner/flag)
Homespun & Hand Loomed Cotton
Hand Printed Banner
Early to mid 1900s
From Nara, the ancient capital of Japan
Condition Good overall condition. Some age staining to the white fabric
13 inches X 6.4 feet, 33 X 184 cm
Heavy Weight
Discussion Inari (deity) shrine or temple banner. The Shinto god Inari is worshiped in both Japanese Shinto and Buddhism. Inari is the Japanese kami (god) of fertility, rice, agriculture, foxes, industry and worldly success and one of the principal kami (Gods) of Shinto. See Wikipedia. According to Chinese astrology practiced in Japan, every year is represented by one of 12 animals (horse, pig, dog, etc). These animals are also designated for each day of the month as well. This flag honored the year of the dog and it was attached to the entrance portal of an Inari temple/shrine as an offering/oblation, "keep the home safe" according to its kanji (writing).