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Nobori Bata Boy's Day Banner/Flag
Hand painted images of legendary heroic Japanese warriors symbolizing strength and valor
2 Tsutsugaki Kamon (family crests)
Homespun & Hand Loomed Cotton Textile
All natural vegetable dyes
Latter Meiji Era 1869 ~ 1912
From Nara, the ancient Japanese capital city near Kyoto
Condition Very, Very good condition
Very bright, strong colors. No holes, no tears, no repairs. This hand made banner was first painted on one side then matching images painted again on the other side (see last photo). Because of the excellent condition & relatively small size, this banner was probably displayed inside the home or never displayed at all.
15 inches X 11.8 feet, 39 X 360 cm
Heavy Weight Textile
Note Interesting horse. Not warlike at all. Almost whimsical. Same with the foot soldier.

This Boy's Day Noboribata must have been made for a much beloved son of a wealthy Japanese family given the high quality of the painting, hand-made textile & overall appearance. I'm sure this was a very expensive noboribata at the time it was made. Made by a highly skilled noboribata craftsman/artist.