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Meisen Cotton Textile Bolt
Fabric Soft, tight weave, medium weight Semi-polished meisen cotton
Commercially Woven
This textile was designed to be less expensive than silk but possess a similar appearance and finish.
Dark Mauve Color
Mid 1900s
Made in Kyoto
14 inches X 11 yards
35 X 10 meters
Very Good Conditon. Old Stock, never used.
Comments Meisen is a weaving and dyeing technique for producing a kasuri styled textile, identified by a hazy or unfocused design. The meisen method turned out a kasuri appearing textile but permitted faster production in greater quantity than did the labor intensive traditional kasuri technique. Meisen was first produced around 1870 and continued in use until the mid 1950s. The meisen method was applied mainly to silk textile fabrication but cotton fabric was also made in the same manner. (continued on the right)

Throughout the period, meisen fabric was widely used in Japan for making the first inexpensive and mass produced department store "ready-to-wear" kimonos. Up until the introduction of meisen, kimonos were custom fitted to the buyer and were by necessity very costly.