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Hemp Mosquito Netting (kaya)
Lemon Color
Natural Organic Vegetable Dye
Made From Gardenia Fruit
The Japanese name for the yellow fabric dye is "kuchinashi".
Fabric Medium Weight, Loose Weave
Homespun and Hand Loomed Hemp
Original Dye
Early 1900's
14 inches X 6.0 feet
36 X 185 cm
Very Good Condition
Very minor thread areas where yellow dye didn't hold in the fibers.

The story behind this yellow kaya......
During the 1800s and before, Japanese kaya craftsmen created a green color netting by first dyeing hemp netting panels with natural, organic yellow dye and then followed up with a second indigo dyeing. This particular kaya now at sale, for some unknown reason, was never dyed with indigo but was made into a kaya mosquito net with its first dyed yellow color.