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Large 4 Panel Kaya Set
Variegated Dark Olive Green Hemp With Beige Hemp/Cotton Inserts
Panels are hand stitched together
Early 1900s
Fabric Medium Weight, Loose Weave
Homespun and Hand Loomed Hemp & Cotton
Natural, Organic Dyes
4.25 X 6.5 feet
130 cm X 200 cm (shortest measurement)
Good Overall Condition with several repairs including 2 boro patches
There are some uneven dye spots, top left which appeared (very common) after we washed this textile.
The beige panels have a looser weave compared to the green one.
We have washed and ironed this kaya set, it's ready for your project
Comment First time I've found kaya with two different color panels. I'm not sure of the reason behind it. Perhaps to differentiate from competition or where leftover panels were assembled to make this kaya set.