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Item Katazome Variegated Indigo Cotton Textile
Crane and Pine Designs.

This katazome textile is filled with images of cranes and pine tree fronds. The Japanese crane is a traditional symbol of longevity and good fortune. And, pine tree fronds are long considered to symbolize youth and longevity. Here we see pine fronds growing out from or connecting to the crane. All in all, very auspicious metaphors aspiring a person to a prosperous and long life.
Fabric 100% cotton, hand loomed, homespun cotton, heavy-medium weight, thick. Nicely faded.
Part of an old futon cover.
Late 1800s to Early 1900s
13 inches X 2.3 feet
33 X 70 cm
Very Good Condition.
No Spots. No Holes
Variegated blue indigo.

We've washed and ironed this textile, it's ready for your project.