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Item Boro Patched Zanshi & Check Indigo Base Futon Cover
100% Cotton Homespun, Hand Woven Fabric
4 panels hand stitched together
Early 1900s
4.1 X 5.1 feet, 125 X 155 cm
Heavy Weight
Good Overall Condition

Great textile for use to make pillows, cut for patchwork project or as is.

We have washed and ironed this textile, ready for your project

NOTE: After we acquired this textile, we noticed upon closer inspection that someone had recently sewn on extra boro patches, appearantly in the attempt to enhance its appearance. We believe that at least 80% of the boro patches are original. How do we know some are not original?......we can see that the added boro patches do not cover holes or thin areas in this futon cover as would be in the normal case.

It looks great though!
Antique Boro Textile