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Zen Temple Noboribata
Displayed at Buddhist temple entrance during special occassions
Hand Painted Kanji
Cotton, Medium Weight
Kakishibu Brown, Loose Weave
Hand Sewn and Hand Loomed
13 inches X 6.9 feet
34 X 210 cm
Probably Mid 1900's
Date based upon the character of the fabric and its appearance, condition
Kanji on right side dates Meiji 42 ((1909)
But this date must refer to an event at that time and not the date of this noboribata.
Good Condition
No Tears, No Rips, No Stains
2 small holes as seen in photo above
Much of what is written is old kanji and not currently in use.

Far Right - Date Meiji 42 (1909)
Center (large kanji) - Important Event for Government Official, his name is Abe-san
Far Left - Unknown