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Item Indigo Tsutsugaki Futon Cover
Raijin is the Shinto god of lightning and Fujin is the god of wind. They usually appear together in Japanese art or in a dramatic presentation as they do in this tsutsugaki futon cover.

Superb Japanese Folk Textile example
Hand stitched together
Dark Indigo Cotton
Late 1800s to Early 1900s
Very Good Condition, With Only a Few Well Done Minor repairs as seen in photos.
We have ironed this textile.
4.1 X 6.0 feet, 125 X 185 cm
Heavy Weight, 1.14 lbs, 515g

Consult these two Wiki links about the historic details of these 2 kami gods.
Fujin     Raijin

Japanese parents often tell their children to hide their belly buttons during thunderstorms so that Raijin doesn't take them away. This custom is derived from a Japanese folklore superstition, coaxing the children to behave.